Why Buy A Canon 60D – What Are Buyers Saying


Canon’s most recent Digital SLR release, the Canon 60D, is getting lots of attention. But this is the case with any new model from either Canon or Nikon, the two most popular DSLR camera manufacturers.I wanted to know, not what the reviewers were saying, but what the buyers are saying. I know that not every buyer is an expert, but that is the exact reason to read their comments. In most cases, they will give their absolute honest opinion about their experience.Some of the things I want to know are these:
Are buyers feeling “cheated” because the 60D does not have the same metal body and high continuous shooting rate as the 50D?
How do new owners like the articulating LCD?
Of course, I want to know from those who buy a Canon 60D how high they are rating this new camera and why.Before getting to the questions, the first thing I noticed is that there is no common denominator that describes the experience level of Canon 60D buyers. There are some who are pros, and on the other end, there are some who are moving up from a point and shoot camera. And, of course there are all levels in between.

There are many high ratings, and only one low rating. However, there are not very many user ratings as of this writing. It would be a good idea for you to visit the online stores and read some of them for yourself, since this new camera will be receiving user feedback on a daily basis.First question: How about the camera build?There was not one comment about the “cheap” feel of the 60D.. Not one. In fact there are a few who like the fact that this camera is lighter than its predecessor. Interesting. The one I like best states that the camera does not feel inferior at all, and he makes the point that he will probably not be using his DSLR to “deflect a bullet” anytime soon. Time will tell if the polycarbonate material the body is made of will hold up, but for right now, buyers are happy with the feel of the camera, and it still looks like a very professional model. One buyer made the comment that his new camera is lighter, which will be good for carrying it all day.Second question: What about the articulating LCD?Comments about this new feature to Canon DSLR cameras were what I expected. People love it. It seems that some were actually waiting for this release just to get this versatile LCD screen. This would be true of folks moving up from a digital point and shoot camera, since many of them have had this type of movable LCD screen for quite a while. It’s a very useful addition, as commented by several buyers.Third question: What are the ratings and why?The basic meaning of this question is to find out if buyers are happy with their purchase. This is always good to know. I have noticed that some buyers are highly influenced by the comments of professional camera critics, and most of the “professional reviews” I have read will at some point comment that Canon could have included the features that are already in the 50D, but instead chose to downgrade in order to get this model “in between” the T2i and the 7D. What I see is that none of the commenters have given much thought to that situation. As already mentioned, the comments available are highly complimentary. Many say that they “love this camera.” These are the kind of statements that make me sit up and take notice.

While those who buy a Canon 60D are not former 50D owners (at least I didn’t see any), there are some who have tried, or purchased, the Canon T2i and the 7D. And these buyers are totally satisfied with the 60D in comparison to these other new Canon models.